Bitch I'm Ballin
Hi I'm Taylor
aka Helicopter Crash Scene Stunt Double
aka Running_
aka Bikini Grandpa
its a new sport called being fucking fabulous i doubt you could play

Broadside "Storyteller" Official Music Video


Studies indicate that bad teeth and bad music have a very strong relationship

Played — 2,013 times
Trackname — Everyone's Asleep in the House But Me
Artist — Owen
Album — Ghost Town
Played — 1,523 times
Trackname — The World is Our _____
Artist — This Will Destroy You
Album — Young Mountain
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Albums That Will Be at the Top of 2014

Guilty of Everything - Nothing

Played — 1,949 times
Trackname — No Mercy
Artist — Makthaverskan
Album — Makthaverskan II

this edm guy from my school just posted a link to his latest track on a picture Eminem uploaded to facebook